Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The day I did a two hour RPM class

And now desperately want to sleep. It's 3.00pm, so not really a sleeping time.

This could be me...if I were a know what I mean though

"How was the class?", I hear you ask.

It was massively sweaty. I was massively sweaty. The guy next to me was massively, massively sweaty. I'm talking HUGE puddle on the floor sweaty. Puddle so big it was running under my bike and onto the girl on the other side. Sorry, that's fairly gross, but I gotta report the facts.

The first part of the class was just a standard sort of RPM class - warm up, hills, intervals, racing, etc. After the first hour we moved onto a hard track, recovery track, repeat mode. I'm here to tell you that recovery tracks are still ridiculously hard and even more so the more you do. I will admit to not using as much resistance as I possibly could have throughout the class but I was focussed on making it to the end and worried I might burn out if I went too hard, too early.

Turns out it was a good call because I nearly died. I would have been just a little dead, however, dead none the less.

I made it to the end though (a few people pulled out early - is it wrong to thing I'm so much better than them?). I was so happy (and so tired) when it finished I did nearly have a little cry. Weird, right? I am a cryer though, so probably not so much. Crying is my body's way of expressing emotion. I channelled my crying into clapping, which we all did.

I am now enjoying an afternoon of listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 - it's practically compulsory if you're Australian - soon to be followed by a nanna nap and then some work (boo!). The sensible part of me is saying I need to do a pretty significant foam rolling session too (double boo!).

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