Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Running haiku

Ran with my running buddy K today. It always seems to go faster when you're chatting away to someone (even if you are gasping for air). Part of our usual path is closed at the moment so we had an added hill on the run. Yuck!!
I was inspired to write a haiku about this morning's run (don't worry, I won't give up my day job).
Two degrees this morn
Perfect running autumn day
Oh, I love it so!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Random running ruminations

My past three weeks of relative inactivity showed themselves this morning. I was in struggletown for most of my run. But I finished the distance, albeit slowly.
It was cool this morning, but not really too bad. The Bureau of Meteorology are forecasting some zero degree days though for the rest of the week, so might have to find the old running gloves to complement my new headband – no cold ears for me today!
As you can see, I have decided to track my running – it’s really satisfying to see the time and distance add up (not that April is going to be that flash). I’m an instant gratification type girl. I don’t like waiting for my results. So by tracking my runs I’ve got something to hang onto until I get to my races. Not to mention it stops me from obsessing quite so much about my weight. Which has really been bugging me – I’ve been thinking about it so much but not getting anywhere (my own fault), which has led me into the negative thought cycle, which leads to destructive behaviour, and so on. But running makes me feel good, motivates me to eat better (so I run better) and I like doing it (even when I’m hating it). For some reason I forget that every now and then.
And before I sign off for today, one thing I saw this morning was three little bunnies nibbling away on the grass as I shuffled past them. I’m pretty sure rabbits are a feral pest that we don’t like (or is that just in farming areas?) but they were pretty cute.