Saturday, June 6, 2015

One year later. Back in Australia. Still not running.

It's hard to write a blog that is primarily about running when you haven't been running.

Which is not to say I haven't run since my last post back in June 2014.

With a switch to the run/walk approach, I finished the Magnificent Mile Chicago Women's Half in August.

I then packed up all my belongings and moved back to Oz.

This is not from my flight back. But it is Australia (Brisbane, I think).

I've done the odd shuffle here and there since the move. Nothing consistent and nothing long. I've missed my Chicago running routes. No more lake path. No more running groups.

But I've just moved somewhere with a similar path/water vibe.

Morning view. 

Evening view.

So the not running is about to change.

Despite the fact that it is now winter here, with short days to make getting out and running feel so much more difficult than it really is, I am recommitting. Chris is running.

The Gold Coast Marathon is on in four weeks. I ran the half marathon there in 2012 and it was a really good race. Clearly I am not going to run a marathon (or even a 5k) this year. But 2016 - you're on!