Saturday, February 1, 2014

February goals

Each month I plan to have four goals, one for each of my 2014 themes. Depending on the goal, I may continue that goal for more than one month but each month will have one new goal per theme.

What's in store for February?

1. Organized: Start planning my meals (actually writing them out) AND doing my grocery shopping on the weekend AND pre-preparing what I can for the week.

And finish off my January goal of organizing those boxes.

2. Positive: I'd like to continue to work on practicing gratitude. My new positivity goal for February is taking my lunch break away from my desk once a week. I scheduled some "be happy" time in my calendar this week and it completely turned my day around.

3. Consistent: March goals will be written AND I will hit at least four quality work outs each week.

4. Social: My social goal is attend a new social event (new place or new people).

February is already starting off well, as I've escaped the Chicago deep freeze! Getting away from the cold to run my first half marathon for 2014 is certainly helping me feel positive!