Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well there's only so much drama I can stand

Thanks to We Are Scientists for providing today's title. I saw them last night co-headlining with Ash. Excellent, excellent night. And great to get away from the grind of work, despite some feelings of guilt for 'deserting' my team.

But unfortunately, combining a late night with early morning PT and a series of long days at work made for a very tired and cranky girl this morning.

Big plans for the weekend. I'm going to get my shit in order, so that I can set myself up for a great run to Melbourne Marathon (apologies for the bad pun!). I can do this half marathon. I can do it well. But I need to set myself up for success and establish where I need put the boundaries in place with work to get there.

OK, so this is rambling, and I'm pretty tired.

Over and out.