Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My rainbow is what?!

So, I broke my rule of always updating my blog first and had a read of what was going on with everyone else. Why this rule? Because I'm an unconscious copier. I'll hear or see something and take it for my own. An absolutely appalling habit when spending time with people from overseas with non-Aussie accents because I start copying! I don't mean to and I really have to fight myself to stop it. It's embarrassing. Plus I've been accused of paying out on people and that is not my intention. Anyway, I'm worried I'll do the same thing here and all of a sudden start talking about thoughts, feelings and problems that I've just picked up from somewhere else.

And the point you were making?

I noticed on three blogs I read today this 'what colour is your rainbow' thing, and of course I gave it a go. And my rainbow is brown. BROWN!!!! Who on earth wants a freaking brown rainbow? Sure, there was some kind explanatory drivel after this declaration - but who cares about that when your rainbow is BROWN. I don't want a brown rainbow. Maybe if I take it again I can change it...

Crap. I'm still brown.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cranky pants

Had physio this afternoon and I was hoping for an all clear on my knee, but I didn't get it. The short story is I stuffed my knee whilst undertaking the 'not to be underestimated' climb and descent of Mt Kinabalu in Borneo in November. It's an amazing experience but not to be taken lightly - and perhaps I did. But anyway, there's no point in crying over spilt milk (or something like that). I did it and am now suffering the consequences - I just wish the consequences would hurry up and get over their gloating so I can do the stuff that I want to do. The positive is I'm now down for a visit in 2-3 weeks which is an improvement on every week - take what you can get missy!

Did some nice intervals on the bike at the gym this morning - really must remember to bring my iPod next time. My music tastes and the gym's music tastes don't necessarily align.

Other than that, it's all boring, boring, boring. A Tuesday like any other.