Friday, January 6, 2012

And she ran!

The alarm went of at 5.30am. I got up at 8.00am and felt sure it was too late to go out. There's a forecast of 31 degrees today and that's 20 degrees warmer than I like.

Plus, when it's later there's more people and as I feel like a fraud when I run, I don't really like being out with others.

Bet I said yesterday I'd run. And, let's be honest, I've been slack for far too long and the longer I go without running the less likely I am to run (don't ask me why it works that way, it just does).

So, before the doubting voice in my head could take control I threw on some running gear and headed out the door.

I suggest that you ensure that you're sitting down before you read the next bit...ready?

I was fine.

Yes, it was hot and I resemble a cartoon character with how red my face is. Yes, there were lots of other people out. Yes, I struggled a lot and ran exceptionally slow. But nobody pointed and laughed and I didn't die from heatstroke.

I did 6km (3km out and back), with some walk breaks, mostly on the way back. After uploading my Garmin data I can see why - it's pretty much downhill on the way out and therefore uphill on the way back.

It's nice to see I wasn't just imagining it

I'm booked in for Body Pump tomorrow and then I head to PNG for 12 days. I'm hopeful of keeping moving on the non-travel days. Given the limited amount of room I have in my bag, I'd better make sure I use my running gear!! I'm getting much better at packing but it still takes me a couple of goes to get everything in and the suitcase closed!

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