Monday, January 2, 2012

12 goals for 2012

Before I get into the goals for 2012, today marked a successful day 3 of the 100 days challenge. I made it to RPM, with only a brief consideration of skipping it. So glad, as always, that I didn't. Great class with a different instructor tonight. She usually takes the Monday night class, so once I get past the crazy busy season at work I might add that class to my gym repertoire.

Now, onto the plans for the year ahead.

I've gone with 12 goals, which semi-equates to one goal per month. Some goals will take longer than one month or won't fit easily into a one a month but I think that makes it more manageable. Plus 12 for 2012 sort of fit (not that I think I'll be going 13 for 2013, etc).

1. Exercise every day for 100 days (100 days challenge)
I've already mentioned this one. Keep moving for at least 30 minutes for 100 days. Three days down, 97 to go!

2. Stretch & Strengthen
This goal is a continuation of something I tried to work on in 2011. To keep running and keep moving injury free, I need to stretch and do my physio exercises. I will start work on this on my return from my work trip later this month.

3. Complete three half marathons
2011 was the year of 10kms. 2012 will be the year of half marathons. First one is scheduled for July - Run Melbourne here I come.

4. Stay connected
With all my moving around the countryside, I've got friends scattered left, right and centre. And I don't keep in touch with them quite as much as I could. I will work on changing this.

5. No waste month
For a single gal who lives alone, I manage to generate a lot of rubbish. So for one month (probably May) I will work towards generating as little waste as possible.

6. Compliment someone and myself every day for a month
June will be my compliment month. This goal is about recognising my strengths and increasing positivity (is that actually a word?) in my world.

7. Nutrition revision
I am the first one to admit, my diet is RUBBISH. This will take a major effort to fix, so to start off I will choose one area to improve each month, starting in March. I'm realistic enough to know that the work hours and travel in January and February won't be conducive to success.

8. Declutter and keep tidy
I have too much stuff and not enough room to store it all. When my home is disorganised, I can't concentrate and have insufficient room to do the things I want to do (for example, goal 2). In 2012 I will ensure I completely tidy once a week and will declutter one "storage area" a month.

9. Climb the 1000 steps
This is an easy one to do. There's a walk in Melbourne called the 1000 steps. The name essentially says what it is. It's a bit of hike from my house but worth the effort. A great work out in beautiful scenery.

10. Superannuation
Because I don't want to have to live on rice and beans when I'm old.
Part one - consolidate super
Part two - any payrise for the year (fingers crossed!) goes directly to superannuation

11. Go to the ballet
I said I wanted to do this I don't know how many times last year. This year, it will happen.

12. Pay out car loan
This goal is likely to be a challenge. I bought a new car last year and borrowed pretty much the full amount. I don't like being in debt for something that doesn't hold its value so I would love to get this paid off.

There you go. It's a lot on my plate and the majority will be a challenge for me. Plus they all need some work to be SMART (and thereby increase they're liklihood of success). But what are goals if they don't push against the status quo?

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