Monday, January 2, 2012

Chris is...

  • RPMing
  • Body Pumping
  • walking

not running :(

Absolutely loving having leave. The freedom I have with my time has been a welcome break and given me the opportunity to get back into regular movement. Over the past week I've been doing plenty of things but not actually running.

As much as getting in some hot weather running is one of my goals, our current temps have just been too much for me. Thursday is looking good with a minimum of 13, which is a distinct improvement on today's max of 40. Phew.

To keep myself on track for keeping moving, I've registered for a 100 days challenge. This will be a real test when I'm back in Papua New Guinea next week. My goal is to get up around sunrise and do a couple of laps of the residential loop where we stay. It may not be interesting but it's safe.

Yesterday, on another ridiculously hot day, I went to see sand sculptures down on the Bay. They were pretty cool.
The theme is toy based and all of the usual suspects were there. The best part was that when you took a second look you discovered so much more than you saw the first time.

Coming soon, my list of things to do in 2012.

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