Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chris has not been Running

Yes, my silence has been an indication of my inactivity.

As a result, I currently feel pretty average. Unfit, stiff (must. do.exercises.), unhealthy.

Good news though. I have a goal.

Run for the Kids on 1 April 2012. This run nearly broke me last time I did it.

14.38km in the glacial time of 1:52. Yes, that time is right.

I'm feeling confident that 2012 will be a better result than 2010. The main killer for me was the run through the Domain Tunnel and then the Bolte Bridge with no cover - the two main reasons for doing the run were reason that I sucked.

This may not have become obvious, despite my constant bleating, but I don't run well in the heat and that tunnel was HOT and that bridge was uphill, uncovered and HOT.

Back to the point though - Run for the Kids is in approximately 15 weeks. I've now got 15 weeks to do some running in the unpredictable Melbourne summer heat/cold/hail/snow. 15 weeks to get some kilometers back in my legs. 15 weeks to run, run, run.

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