Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rock n Roll New York 10km

Summary: Good race coming off two weeks of no running. Fast start with poor finish. Happy overall but the slightly competitive part of me really wanted to do better. LOVE the finisher's medal.

5.00am: Up and getting ready. Not quite as organized as I'd like but make it out the door by 5.45.

5.50am: At subway station waiting for the train. The only people I've seen so far are on their way home after a night out or are sleeping at the station. Catch train uptown to change to Brooklyn train.

6.10am: Catch second train, which is full of other runners. Discover because of construction it won't be stopping at the station I want to get off at. Hop off with everyone else one stop earlier and then just follow the crowd because I have no idea where we are.

7.30am: Race start. The description of the course was "beautiful, tree-lined...flat, fast and festive". And it was...if by flat they actually meant rolling hills. And the worst part was because the course did two laps, I knew they were coming the second time. Despite my lack of interim running, I felt good and was sub 7.00 min/km until about 8km in when my stomach turned against me. This is definitely something I have to work out because I would really like to be able to improve my times. My legs are OK and my breathing is OK but my insides are certainly not. The end result was a finish time of 1:10:xx by my watch. And I am happy with that.

8.50am: Go to bag pick up area. Encounter first serious negative at this race. It is chaos. There are bags laid out on the ground, under people's feet, no one can find their stuff. At this stage I'm feeling very thankful that I kept all of the must have items on me. Eventually manage to get my bag and escape the chaos.

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