Saturday, March 31, 2012

Run for the Kids

Hooray! Run for the Kids is done.

I was very happy with my time - 1:43:xx which means I was sub 7:15 minute/km average pace. Unfortunately, my legs are feeling every one of those 14.38km!

The run felt so much better than last time. I felt good the whole way through, with the exception of coming out of the tunnel (so hot!) but once I'd managed to cool myself down (relative to the about to pass out feeling post-tunnel) I was back on track. The Bolte Bridge include and Collins Street were no tougher than I expected and I kept going the whole way. Again, this is a significant improvement on 2010.

I was left questioning whether I would want to do the run again, a couple of kilometres short of the finish, and then about 200m from the finish a saw a woman just in front of me, carrying a photo of a sick little one in the hospital. I nearly started crying at this point! And decided I would definitely be back next year because not only do I get to do the run but money goes to Royal Children's Hospital, and that's worth it.

Now, don't ask me how I'm going to manage 21.1km at the Gold Coast in 13 weeks. The prospect of another 7km is making my legs even more tired that they currently are!!

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