Thursday, June 6, 2013

Running on the road

I am currently on a two week vacation. It's been pretty tiring and I think I'll need another vacation just to recover from this one.

My sister has come to visit from Australia and together we have travelled to Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York City. Because we are trying to keep costs down, we have been catching public transit and Amtrak to get around, and this has meant packing a carrying on bag only (public transit with a large suitcase - DIFFICULT!).

Packing for 14 days of travelling including running gear was a real challenge but some how I managed.

I'm a morning runner - a real bonus when travelling as I've been able to see these cities on foot while avoiding some of the heat (not so much in Philly) and also some of the crowds of tourists (NYC, I'm looking at you). I haven't logged a huge number of running miles but there have been plenty of walking miles put on my legs this trip.

Washington DC
Running miles: 3
Walking miles (estimated): 22
Sights seen/Museums visited: Too many to count!


Running miles: 9.7
Walking miles (estimated): 10
Sights seen/Museums visited: A lot

New York City (still have a few more days here before returning to Chicago)

Running miles: 6.5
Walking miles (estimated): 10
Sights seen/Museums visited: It's NYC, the whole city is a sight


  1. Fun! Yeah, a trip like that can be tiring! Were you able to run in Central Park?

    1. Not yet but am racing there on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it.

  2. These are some of my favorite cities.. you captured amazing images. Love seeing cities via running