Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Week #2


AM: 3 miles - 30:34

I don't like Mondays. Getting out the door for my run always seems so difficult. But it's worth it!


AM: 4 miles - 41:08

Doing my semi-regular travel to Atlanta for work and this was my first (and last) run in Piedmont Park. My office is relocating so I won't be staying downtown anymore, unfortunately.

I picked my route from the Atlanta Track Club website. No matter where you are, there is probably someone who has recorded a running route you can take if unfamiliar with the location.


Was supposed to do 5 miles but it didn't happen. C'est la vie.

I blame it on dinner the night before. I went for Italian with a few of my co-workers to a recommended restaurant. We arrived to discover it was a little more fine dining than we were dressed for (us: jeans, t-shirts; everyone else: jackets, ties). Not to mention that we brought down the average age quite considerably. We got a few looks during the evening from the other tables but the food was good. We didn't end up leaving until late and I missed my morning alarm as a result.


Rest day!!


AM: 5 miles - 51:43

Just managed to squeeze in my miles before my daily morning meeting. One of my co-workers (an ultra runner, so you know he's mental dedicated) suggested that I join the morning call during my run because in our role we don't really participate in the meeting. While I didn't do that, I did take my phone and dial in on my cool down walk home.


AM: 7 miles - 1:16:53

Warm and humid morning left me very sweaty at the end of this run. I was going to skip my group run as I was running a half marathon on Sunday but decided that marathon bonding was too important.


AM: 13.1 miles - 2:29:23

Chicago Women's Half Marathon. Race recap to follow but suffice to say it was quite warm and humid. I set a new PR in water drinking during a race.

Sunrise from Grant Park on my way to the race.
This run was very hard work. But it's the hard ones that make it even more worthwhile.

This week’s stats:
  • Total miles: 32.1
  • Total time: 5 hrs 49 mins 42 secs
  • Total running workouts: 5

Goals for next week:

  • Add at least one cross training session (attempt #2 as failed miserably this week)
  • Add at least two strength training sessions (see above)


  1. Ha! I think we set the same PR yesterday :)

    1. I usually skip most of the water stations but yesterday I stopped at every one AND at some of the water fountains! Probably a good PR to have given the weather though.