Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Week #1


AM: 3 miles - 33:59

I got in from New York at about 11:30pm Sunday so did NOT want to get up with the alarm. But there was no way I was missing my first official training run. Tired body and tired legs from all my vacation walking made this a straight out slog fest.


AM: 5 miles - 52:59

Out with my sister the night before to celebrate our birthdays (which were in February and April but better late than never) care of our Dad. Thanks Dad for a lovely dinner!

Unfortunately, the cocktail and rich food did leave me a little short on quality sleep so I was once again not feeling 100% for the run. Then, I spent the first 1.5 to 2 miles battling a side stitch. It all came good and this ended up being a progression run of sorts - 11:20; 11:12; 10:22; 10:06; 9:53.


AM: 4 miles - 41:38

Went to watch the Cubs the night before which meant yet another night of not enough sleep to make me happy. I slept through the alarm but luckily jolted awake at 5:15, giving me just enough time to get 4 miles in before I had to be on a call for work (don't ask).


Rest day!!


AM: 1.5 miles - 15:36

Planned 4 miles at marathon pace but things did not go to plan. Bad stomach and some clothing issues left me stopping and starting and generally feeling uncomfortable. I made the decision to call it a day and mark this work out as "something is better than nothing".


AM: 7.5 miles - 1:22:26

Long run for the week.

After much internal debate, I decided to train with CARA. I had success training with them for the F^3 Half Marathon - I don't think I've felt so good running a race as I did with that one. And because I detest running in the heat, the accountability of running with a group will be a great help to keep me honest. I want this race to be great, so any help I can get is fine by me.

Felt great all run, the miles slipped very easily by getting to know some of my new training group.


Rest day!!

This week’s stats:

  • Total miles: 21
  • Total time: 3 hrs 46 mins 37 secs
  • Total running workouts: 5

Goals for next week:

  • Add at least one cross training session
  • Add at least two strength training sessions


  1. Good luck with your training! I've just completed my first week of marathon training too. My workouts for this past week are on my blog -

    1. Thanks Emily. And good luck to you too!

  2. I saw another Chicago blogger running with CARA Saturday morning. You may have saw me! If that morning run is your normal time with them, wave to me!

    When I first read this post, I thought the miles were the time of the day you woke up, was like..3am? Damn, hardcore!

    1. There are quite a number of CARA training locations and then a number of different pace groups at each location. You'll undoubtedly see plenty of them out over the next few months. My group runs south from The Loop, so not sure that it was me you saw, as I think you are north? But will certainly give you a wave if we cross paths.

      3.00AM would be pretty hard core! Thankfully, I'm not out that early.

    2. I learn something new every post! Yes, I'm up north. I saw at ton of pace groups out there. I Imagine there was an equal CARA army in the Loop!
      Keep it up!