Saturday, June 8, 2013

New York Mini 10K Race Recap

I couldn't resist signing up for a race while on vacation. Plus I figured it would help keep me honest for the two weeks, knowing that I've the got the Chicago Women's Half in a couple of weeks.

I signed up for the NYRR New York Mini 10K, a women's only 10km race in Central Park. This race in particular caught my attention after the discussion I had with Bethany at Outside Time about women's only races and how they are promoted (I'm looking at you Chicago Women Rock).

Packet Pick Up:
Easy as. Headed to NYRR office and got my bib and a tech singlet. Also did a little Upper East Side sight seeing while I was in the area (I love vacations!!).

Race Shirt:
Tech singlet. Black - my fav colour. Great for summer. Winner!

The race:
When I signed up, I estimated my race pace at 9:45/mile. I didn't recall this but it was printed on my race bib, so it must be true. Based on my current running and the horrid diet I've been consuming while on vacation, I wasn't too sure that I would be able to manage this. But I wanted it. Based on both my Shamrock Shuffle and Lakefront 10 Miler times, I saw my first sub-60 minute 10km as a possibility (you know, before all the vacation slackness).

My previous 10km best time was 1:08:19 (way back in 2011 - I haven't run a 10km race since then). So even if I didn't hit sub-60 minutes, I was still pretty likely to manage a PR.

The weather was a nice 60 degrees and overcast. Given that it bucketed down the day before, that was a lucky break. The sun even came out a few times during the race.

There were about 5,000 people in the race which made it a little crowded but not too bad. There was the usual amount of weaving and dodging in the early miles and also at a couple of points on the course where it narrowed.

With my Chicago legs, the hills in the park did leave me working hard in a couple of places. Luckily, every tough long uphill was followed by a great downhill. I know that just sounds like common sense but I have experienced runs where the top of the hill is a plateau so you don't get the immediate reward of the downhill.

Unfortunately, I managed to positive split the race. My time at the 5km mark was 29:34 (actually, I'm pretty happy with that. If I ran 5km races that would totally be a PR). But maintaining that pace didn't seem like a possibility from the way I was feeling. The good news is, even though I was hot and my lack of decent recent training was making itself known, my stomach was behaving itself.

I "stopped" at a water station during mile 4 to get in a little water (hydration has been another FAIL over the past couple of weeks) but more importantly, to pour some water over my very overheated head.

From there on in, I just felt like I was getting slower and slower.

But I was determined to see this race through and left everything on the course to get to the end, even if I had to walk some of the way. Luckily, the walking didn't happen and I made it to the finish line...
In the finish chute.
Need to fire my race photographer - only managed a shot from the rear.
With a finish time of...

So close!!

I swear I felt like I was going soooo much slower for the second 5km than I actually did.

I liked this race. It was well run (unsurprisingly). The atmosphere was great. I liked the course (good to get off the Lakefront Trail).

It was a bit pricey ($50) but I didn't mind paying it because I really wanted to race in NYC.

I would definitely do it again. And given my obsession with love of NYC, I certainly hope I make it back again.

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  1. Oh cool, I'm glad you had fun! The hills in the park are no joke, but at least it's pretty shady in there. When I visited some friends in April I ran a loop and had a moment of "oh my god, I can't believe I'm going to run these hills as the *last miles of a marathon*..."