Monday, March 31, 2014

March goals - retrospective

My March goals didn't get published but I was still working on them. Here's how I did.

1. Organized: Start planning my meals (actually writing them out) AND doing my grocery shopping on the weekend AND pre-preparing what I can for the week.

Hmm, I was pretty good at the planning part and the grocery shopping part but I didn't do so well on pre-preparing. This meant that my good intentions with planning didn't always lead to good execution. I'm putting this one on my April list to keep working on it.

2. Positive: Make a change that scares me.

I love routine and I generally play things pretty safe. But following the old saying "A change is as good as a holiday" and knowing that holidays make me happy, I challenged myself to make a change in March. That change was cutting my hair short. And I love it! While it's not as short as I planned and many wouldn't understand why that would scare me, it did and I'm super happy for challenging myself to do it.

3. Consistent: March goals will be written AND I will hit at least four quality work outs each week.

I'm giving myself a yes on the goal writing (even though they weren't published) and major miss on the work outs. I did get struck down with a horrible cold again but that wasn't the only thing to get me off track. I'm putting this goal on the back-burner and will revisit again later in the year.

4. Social: Go for coffee/drinks/dinner/other social activity with at least two people I haven't socialized with before.

Yay! Another tick on this one. I went to a comedy show and after work drinks with new people this month.

How are you going with your 2014 goals?


  1. Let's grab a drink and chat about all things Brooklyn in April :)

    1. Sounds like a great plan. I'll shoot you an email.

  2. Nice job on Shamrock, too! I see your Daily Mile! Yay!