Monday, March 31, 2014

Shamrock Shuffle 2014

Seriously considered not turning up for this race. Felt under-trained and gun-shy after NYC Half.
Happy that the weather has cleared up for race day.
Anyone else disappointed with the race shirt? Felt like it was more about the sponsor than the race.
Morning pre-race routine was maintained. Out of the house with time to spare.
Racers packed the train downtown.
Once I got to the CARA area at the Congress Hotel I started feeling more psyched to be there.
Can't decide what to wear. Long tights or shorts? How warm is it going to get before I finish?
Keep on long sleeve shirt but go with the shorts.

Super crowded for the start.
Hustling to get ahead of the people in front of me.
Under Wacker, left on Grand, before I know it we're down State and at two miles in.
Feeling good. Pace is solid and I'm continuing to pass people.
Flat 30:00 for the 5k by my watch. Now it's really time to pick up the pace.
Lowering my pace with every kilometer. Can't remember my time for last year so push extra hard, feeling like a PR is possible.
Excellent result - 8km PR by over a minute and my racing confidence is restored!

I know lots of people ran this race. I hope you all had a great time too!


  1. Congrats on the PR! Fun recap format! :)

  2. Yeah, the shirt was disappointing. At least it's a dri-fit!

    1. That is true. A dry-fit disappointing shirt is better than a cotton disappointing shirt!

  3. Nice post. Congratulations on the PR.