Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Week #7


AM: 4 miles (6.45km) - 41:01

Four recovery miles at a not so recovery pace. I was feeling the effects of the RnR Chicago Half for the first mile and then it all just magically went away (why couldn't that have happened during the race?). Unfortunately, my head was still feeling wonky but it was manageable for 4 miles.


AM: 7 miles (11.3km) - 1:12:45

It's a during-the-week-mileage increase week. My first 7 miler before work. Caught a sweet looking sunrise at Belmont that was worth stopping for.


AM: 5 miles (8km) - 51:49

This run was hard work. There was a bit of wind which in addition to making running a little more difficult left the lake looking pretty cool with all the waves being kicked up. Kept myself focused by thinking about my upcoming rest day.


Rest day!! I think I say this every week but I needed this day off.

PM: Strength session - 20:00


AM: 7 miles (11.3km) - 1:11:57

Was greeted with this at the start of my run.

Is it possible to have too many sunrise photos? I think not.

Started off a little slow. On my way back home I really focused on keeping my core stable, shortening my stride and increasing my turnover rate. It makes such a difference! The last three miles were all sub-10:00 pace (a rarity for me) but I didn't feel like I was trying to race. I am definitely going to work on this more going forward.


AM: 14 miles (22.4km) - 2:32:16

My first run greater than half marathon distance. The weather was great for running with cool temps and cloud cover (would it be too much to ask for every run to be like that?).

I was tired at the end but that extra 0.9 miles didn't kill me ;)

However, I have worked out that I am going to have to schedule nap time in my Saturday plans going forward. Or maybe starting drinking more coffee.


AM: Cross training - 30:00
AM: Strength session - 30:00

I spent some time on the elliptical, did a strength session and closed out my gym time with some swimming.

And then I went shopping.

My Brooks Adrenalines have more than 400 miles on them so I figured it was time to get another pair of shoes in the rotation. I had gone to Road Runner Sports in Lincoln Park the previous weekend but encountered such appalling service that I left the store without trying anything on. So today I went to Fleet Feet in Old Town (where I've never had a bad experience) with the intention of just replacing the Adrenalines with another pair of Adrenalines because I really do love the shoe. But I also love trying on new shoes, so checked out some of the new releases.

The pink ones are the adidas adistar Boost. I really liked the upper on these because it's a sort of stretchy fabric that hugs your foot. My feet like hugs. Plus, if I'm to believe the sales pitch, they will "keep every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy". Who can say no to that?!

The purple ones (and trust me, they are purple no matter what they look like in the photo) are Adrenalines.

I really was just going to get one pair but I quite liked the adidas and I just can not say no to a purple pair of Adrenalines. It's not like I won't use them. I'm so looking forward to running tomorrow morning and trying out my new babies!

This week's stats
  • Total miles: 37 (59.2km)
  • Total time: 6 hours 29 minutes 49 seconds
  • Total running workouts: 5
  • Total cross training workouts: 1
  • Total strength workouts: 2

Goals for next week
  • Fuelling - Keep practicing
I tried a few things with fuel this week and think I'm beginning to head in the right direction but need to keep working on it.

  • Running form

Have started adding distance in kms so that it's easier when I share with everyone back home. It makes my head hurt with all the converting I have to do sometimes.


  1. Great training week, especially after a race! Never enough sunrise photos, or else most of my blog photos would be gone lol

  2. Wonderful week of training in the books! Those shoes are really snazzy. You'll have to let us know if the Adidas ones are really full of endless energy :)

    Beautiful sunrise photos!

    1. Thanks! I did my first run in them today and must say, so far they're proving to be winners.