Monday, July 15, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Week #5

This was a tough week for me.

Not because of the training volume or intensity but it was a week where I mostly felt very disconnected from running. My head just wasn't in the right space. Every week can't be a great week though, can it?

Despite this, and acknowledging that it's only week 5 out of an 18 week plan, this is the best training run I've had as far as consistency goes. The trick for me is just continuing with on getting out there and giving it a go - this will be my first marathon, so really just getting across the finish line will be a win for me and I don't need to be aiming for time. Of course, need and want are not the same thing so I totally have a time that I am secretly aiming for (well, it's not really secret but I'm not putting it out there until closer to the day).


Not the start of the week I was aiming for. Didn't get my act together and missed my run.


AM: 4 miles - 42:15

Forced myself out the door. Aiming for six miles but only managed four. Figured it was better than Monday.


AM: 6 miles - 1:04:37

Feeling a bit better today, although still fighting the mental battle to get out. This was a hot and humid run.


AM: 4.5 miles - 46:10

Not my smartest move as Thursday is my rest day and I knew I'd be running Friday and Saturday. Having not run Monday and after feeling much better after Wednesday's sweaty six, I couldn't not go out though.


AM: 6 miles - 1:03:25

Feeling the effects of skipping most of my stretching this week. Didn't feel bad but let was noticeably tight on my left side.


AM: 12 miles - 2:11:12

I want to start experimenting with pre-long run fueling but I need to work on getting up earlier to do that. I am confident that eating 15 minutes before heading out the door would be a recipe for disaster.

Did experiment with carrying water/electrolyte drink. Conclusion: Fuel belts do not work for me.


AM: Cross-training - 15:00

Yep. That is a pretty average effort.

This week's stats
  • Total miles: 32.5
  • Total time: 5 hours 47 minutes 40 seconds
  • Total running workouts: 5
  • Total cross training workouts: 0.5 (I couldn't really count it as one)
  • Total strength workouts: 0

Goals for next week

  • Get through the week with my planned running intact! I'm travelling for work to a new area which tends to be disruptive. The hotel website says there's a "jogging path", so hopefully that will work out.


  1. Every week can't be super amazing, then the bar eventually gets unreachable or you may risk burning out in your training.

    Fueling before a long run is tricky. If you have a soft tummy like me, try to have like a bagel with peanutbutter or something before bed, and a little to drink in the morning. I need at least 90 minutes to 2 hours to eat even toast and peanut butter before a long run. Otherwise it is coffee and a little gatorade or something. I use an amphipod handheld bottle.

    Good luck getting those runs in with travel! Explore running!

    1. Why not?! I refuse to accept that I can't just always be amazing ;)

      Thanks for tips. I'll keep on trying some new things (part of the point of training, isn't it?) and hopefully come up with a winning plan by October.