Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Week #4


AM: 3 miles - 30:40

Plan was 10:50 - 11:00 pace but ended up at 10:11. Got angry about it for a little while and then decided there are worse things in the world than not running as slow as I tried to.


AM: 6 miles - 1:01:14

Late getting out the door and generally feeling unsettled going into the run. I was overtaken left, right and centre to begin with but just put my head down (literally, it was pretty windy out) and focused on settling into an easy pace. Settle in I did - this ended up as a progression run, felt great the whole way and like I could have just kept on going. Interestingly, average pace was 10:11 again...I'm beginning to sense a pattern here.


AM: 4 miles - 40:51

Not the kind of run I would like to have again.

For those of you playing at home - average pace 10:12 - no, I am not planning this.


Rest day and no work. Perfect day for a sleep in!

I made it to 5:30. Sleep in FAIL.


AM: 6 miles - 1:01:54

I had the day off work, so after my run I headed out and was a little bit touristy. Went to the Field Museum and took these pics on my walk back home.

Yet another city skyline photo. I just can't help myself because I love it soooo much!

South Shore line

Buckingham Fountain - This was my first visit.

Art Institute


AM: 11 miles - 2:00:44

Maybe too much walking on Friday and definitely not enough good eating left me tired heading into this run. Ended up being a solid effort. Was happy to finish and get out of the sun.


Let's not talk about exactly how little I did today.

This week's stats

  • Total miles: 30
  • Total time: 5 hours 15 minutes 23 seconds
  • Total running workouts: 5
  • Total cross training workouts: 0
  • Total strength workouts: 0

Goals for next week
  • Cross training and strength - need to be a more balanced runner!
  • Stretch - made some good progress on this but stills needs more work

1 comment:

  1. Sleeping in gets hard now! If me from 10 years ago saw my wake up times, he would be like, you wake up 2 hours after I'm going to bed!

    I'm glad you are able to keep running, that Wed run was scary!

    Keep up your running and have a good day!