Monday, January 7, 2013

Three weeks out

The past week was not an ideal running week.

This can be translated to mean I did my long run and not a lot else. Perfect training for a half marathon, don't you think?

These guys had a lot of time off this week

What did I do? I pulled 10 miles out of the bag on Saturday. They were not great. I was planning an escape within the first mile. But I made it. And, as always, it was not as bad as I had imagined. My stomach was off for most of it and my legs were T-I-R-E-D by the end. On a positive note, the company was great (as always).

A few of the girls in my training group and I have made tentative plans to run the half together. I am a little apprehensive with this plan as I'm not sure what this might mean for my pace. The F^3 Half is not my "target" race for the year. This race went on my calendar as something different and something I couldn't do at home. But my inner competitor wants to do well. Of course, if we run the whole race at our training pace I'll only be one minute off my PB, which is awesome. So it is likely that we'll go out a little faster. But what if we don't? Every race can't be a PB. But I so want it to!!

What do you think - is it a good idea to run a race (especially a half marathon) with a few other people?

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