Saturday, December 29, 2012

My recent running highlights

My first holiday race - Rudolph Ramble 8km
It was cold and it was wet. I got there way to early.
This was only a small race but I don't think it was the best organised event I've participated in.
However, I had fun! There's something about running while wearing red foam antlers that just adds something to a race. Plus, it was my best 8km time (although my first 8km race) at 51 minutes. While I don't love standing around in the cold I definitely love running in it. This time is particularly good for me as I did a 7 mile run the day before.

My first Chicago snow (took you long enough, Chicago). I was super excited on Thursday when it started, so wandered around in it for a couple of hours. Not my best idea as I ended up super cold and slightly damp by the end of it.
I did 5 miles on Friday for my first snow run and followed up with 9 miles today.

Looking south on the Lakefront Path, somewhere around Millennium Park
Turns out running on snow is kinda difficult. My glutes are feeling the extra work they had to do this morning! But I love it!! I love winter. I love Chicago. And I love snow.

I also love running. 2013 is going to be an awesome running year - I am scheming big running plans for it right now.

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