Thursday, December 6, 2012

A streak update

As I mentioned when I first decided to streak, one of my goals was to develop a running habit. My running history is littered with "rest" days.

Nine days into the streak, I was feeling good and actually wasn't having the internal debates about running. Every day was a run day. Some run days were one mile on the treadmill but they were still a run. I even tried a four mile run on the treadmill. I made it to the end but it wasn't pretty.

Day 1 - 4 miles
Day 2 - 4 miles
Day 3 - 6 (fast) miles
Day 4 - 2 miles
Day 5 - 1 mile
Day 6 - 4 (boring) miles
Day 7 - 3 miles
Day 8 - 1 mile
Day 9 - 4 miles

Day 10 (Saturday): I did five miles with my F^3 Half training group (at a much more reasonable pace than the week prior).

Saturday evening I had my office's Holiday Party. Naturally, I got frocked up - LBD and mile high patent heels. It was a great night which started with a few raspberry sangrias and continued with several cranberry vodkas.

Cranberry vodka - very tasty!

Sufficient to say, my coordination left a little much to be desired by the time my feet hurt too much to stay out any longer.

I think you can guess where this is going.

The combination of heels, too many pink/red drinks and a very steep flight of stairs resulted in an embarrassing slip on my way home. Luckily, all I did was skip two steps on the way down as I was holding onto the railing the whole time. But those two steps did a number on my ankle and leg.

Sunday through today have been run free.

I am disappointed to not be running. But I am OK (in theory) with not running due to injury (yes, silly self-inflicted injury, but injury never the less) rather than due to "I can't be bothered".

The good news is I was completely pain free today, including after a three mile walk, so tomorrow morning I will be back out there streaking.

Anyone else sidelined themselves with foolish behaviour? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

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