Sunday, November 25, 2012


Day 4 of the running streak is done!

After weeks of not hitting four runs a week targets, I have now run four days in a row!!

This post is likely to contain an excessive amount of exclamation marks!!!

Thursday (Thanksgiving) - four miles
Friday - four miles
Saturday - six miles
Sunday (today) - two miles

Friday was a pretty standard, uneventful run. Much more comfortable than the four miles I did on Thursday. The weather had done a turnaround from Thursday and was about 15 degrees colder - and just about perfect running weather in my book.

Lakefront Path, looking South toward Oak Street Beach

I snuck in a little bit of shopping in the afternoon, despite the horrendous crowds, to get a dress to wear to a work Christmas function next weekend. I got something much shorter than I would normally go because I love my runner's legs and am proud to display them now (hopefully everyone will ignore all the bruises I have from my bike - I am so uncoordinated!!).
Saturday was my long run for the week which I did with my CARA running group. After the bike ride to join the group my legs and feet were pretty much numb. A pair of windproof running tights is definitely on the list. As is some form of foot protection. The first two miles were completely on auto-pilot because everything from the waist down felt completely disconnected from me. I still really like running with a group - I'm not very chatty but I enjoy listening to everyone else. We knocked out the six at 10:40 pace (not ideal given we're supposed to be the 11:00 pace group!) and I must confess I was tired by the time I got home. It was the first cold run I have done since moving here. I was starving when done too. I treated myself to eggs and vege hash for breakfast at a local cafe after what felt like the best hot shower ever.
Sunday was a slow two miles. Technically today is a cross-training day on the plan, so I kept the mileage low and pace reasonably glacial.

Tomorrow will be the first "big" challenge in the streak. After a glorious four day weekend, I will have to go back to work :(

I'm planning on sneaking in one mile on the treadmill in my building's gym before work. I only want to do one mile tomorrow as I'm worried about hurting myself if I go any further. The treadmill will help keep me to one mile because I detest treadmill running.

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