Friday, July 24, 2009

Excellent week

After a week of just putting my head down and trudging along the path I've come back out into the light.

I have, for the first time in a REALLY long time, managed to get through seven consecutive days where I've stayed on track with my food and it wasn't even a struggle. This gave me a massive boost of confidence. I then had two days of not quite so great tracking but as I went up to Brisbane on a flying visit for the majority of those two days, I'm actually quite OK with that.

My flying visit to Brisbane was at the request of my sister, who bought two tickets to Pink many, many months ago (as she is a massive fan). Unfortunately, her friends in Brisbane also had bought their own tickets, so she was left with a spare and really wanted to go with someone who would appreciate the show. She asked me, despite the fact that I am not a big Pink follower. But I do love music in general, especially live music, and the opportunity to spend a 'sister' day was too good to pass up. So off I flew to a lovely 26 degree Brisbane day on Thursday. It was fabulous! Sis and I hung out, shopped and had a great time; I had lunch with my grandma; and I must concede that the Pink show was good. I enjoyed myself, sang along with whatever bits of songs I knew, made up the words for the bits I didn't and most importantly, my sister absolutely loved the show and really enjoyed her experience. As an added bonus for me, seeing Pink strutting around on stage wearing next to nothing was fairly good motivation to stay on the path of good choices.

Flying back to Canberra on Friday morning to be greeted by my car fully encased in a block of ice at the airport was less enjoyable. And rude shock after the balmy Brisbane weather.

But overall, I had an excellent week and I'm looking forward to the next seven days being even better.