Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taking it one step at a time

I'm breaking my six week challenge into smaller chunks.

It's about time I realised (or maybe just owned up to) that I have the attention span of a goldfish and am driven by immediate gratification. I will always choose the short term 'pay off' over a longer term gain. Six weeks is waaaay too long for me.

While this concept is not new to me, it was during this morning's run that I thought to myself I needed to change things. A 5km run for me is essentially 25 200m runs. Sure, I think about the 5km but to get me around the course I am having this sort of dialogue:

"OK, start running. Let's just get to the end of this row of trees."

"Good, now remember to keep your shoulders relaxed and let's make it to the bottom of the hill there."

"OK, hill, it's alright, you only have to make it to the top."

"Hill is done. Can't stop now so let's just get to the end of the bridge."

"It's all downhill now, easy! Focus on your breathing."

"And to the bottom of the next hill. I wonder how much longer it will take for them to finish fixing the path so I don't have to do this hill anymore?"

"Right, up this hill. It's an easy one and then there's only one more until the end."

"That wasn't that bad. Onto the flower beds."

And so on. I'm sure you have no interest in hearing the rest of my run because, trust me, it doesn't get any more interesting.

So, six weeks is now three lots of two weeks. And the first two weeks (which is nearly half way over already!!) I'm now taking one hour at a time. I'm hoping if I manage two really good weeks then the next two can be eased back a bit.

This is the two weeks:

Today has not quite gone to plan - I didn't do the 40 minutes on Tuesday (only did 34) so had wanted to do a 6km run this morning (which would take me to 40mins) but I got out of bed a little bit too late for that. If I get to work just 5 minutes too late, getting a shower is hell. But I pushed myself on the 5km and took off another minute (there were some happy dances once I'd got my breath back) and I'm happy with something over nothing. Breakfast was a success - oats - I love 'em! And now I'm on my daily coffee. Oh, and I've done one bottle of water - three more to go today.

I apologise in advance if this gets tedious for anyone who bothers to read - but as I've said before, it's all about me and getting what I want.


  1. I'm the same. I typically make 6 week plans (or more) and get bored or have to change it after 2. I'm really bad at it. I'll change my weights routine every 2 weeks, my diet ....EVERYTHING. But if I still lose the fat, something's working and I keep convincing myself that the variety I am putting my body through is helping. LOL

  2. I'd love it if I could manage a two week plan! It's not boredom so much as impatience.
    I want it and I want it now!!!!
    Veruca Salt (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) has nothing on me!