Sunday, March 31, 2013

Retail therapy

Hi, welcome to my running blog where I talk about running. Or at least I would, had I been doing any.

I had yet another abysmal running week last week.

There was a pulled something, travel, forgetfulness and stabbing ear pain that put together meant I ran last Saturday and then didn't run again until this Saturday. I'm sure no one wants to know the details.

However, as everyone knows, when you are feeling decidedly not good, the best way to deal with it is to buy a shiny new something to distract you from the not good feeling.

Say hello to my new shoe(s).

I did buy a pair. But they're so bright I could only photograph them one at a time.
This is my new Mizuno Wave Inspire (left) shoe. The right shoe is equally blinding.

You know you've made a shoe purchase based on fit and function when they're in colours you would never in a million years wear in any other scenario.

My current shoes are Brooks Adrenalines (a couple of different versions). I love them but thought maybe adding some brand variety might not be a bad idea. I tried on a hundred different pairs (or maybe around seven) of shoes in the store and each pair felt so alien when I put them on. They were tighter in different places, looser in different places, flatter, higher, more springy, less springy, the laces sat differently. And it was so difficult to work out if these differences were poor fit problems or just mental barriers for me to deal with. Ultimately, I decided the Mizunos were a good alternative to the Adrenalines and I'm excitedly looking forward to trying them out tomorrow. I don't think they'll make it in the rotation to being my "go to" shoe but will add some nice variety to the mix.

Happy Easter to everyone. As Easter symbolises new beginnings to many, I am saying this is my new beginning to running and next time I'll have much running news to tell.


  1. Enjoy the Inspires, I jumped from Adrenalines to Nike Structures, then finally to The Inspires myself. They feel great. Be careful though, they also feel fast and I always have to be careful not to run too fast when I'm supposed to be going for an easy run. I PR'd a half in them last week and it barely felt like I was going faster than a jog.

  2. Nice actually meeting you tonight! -