Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good running

After all my doom and gloom last week, this week has come up much more rainbows and lollipops.

Here's my sunshine (you know, because you need the sun to make a rainbow):

5K time trial win. Not so much that I beat everyone else but more that I totally beat myself. I don't do a lot of timed 5K running. I like to think of myself as a long distance gal (or more accurately, I'm slow and it's less obvious if I run long). But I killed my last timed 5K run. A knocked off a whopping 4:30 minutes. I was stoked to take that much of my last Half Marathon best so to do it on a 5K was pretty cool.

Half marathon PR. Full details in my Get Lucky Half Marathon race recap. Approximately two minutes faster than my F^3 Lake Half Marathon time in January.

Now, I just need to take this good running mojo into next week and beyond.

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