Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Brooklyn Half - A non race recap

I entered the Brooklyn Half back in January, a week or so before hitting my new half marathon PR at the Melbourne Half Marathon in Florida.

Hanging out on the beach in January. Florida, you're alright!
Unfortunately, a few weeks after running that half marathon, I started experiencing some pain in my left foot. Being the smart runner I am, I ignored that pain and went on to run a new half marathon PW at the NYC Half in March.

Not a great run but the views were pretty good.
Not too long after that I stopped running altogether.

In April, I hit my first DNS for the Lakefront 10 Miler.

Then in May, I had my second DNS for the Brooklyn Half.

It is safe to say, I do not like DNSs.

However, as I absolutely LOVE NYC and I'd already paid a non-refundable deposit on my accommodation, I still took a vacation to NYC during the Brooklyn Half race week.

I rented an apartment in someone's basement for the week. It was pretty awesome, as it was WAY cheaper than renting a hotel room, I got my own kitchen to avoid eating out for every meal plus I got a lot more privacy than a hotel.

My little kitchen made the trip much more fun.
There had been visitors from all over the world. I pinned Australia.
Despite not being able to run the race, I still went to the expo, or pre-party as they called it, to pick up my race shirt and check out what was going on. Despite the grey weather, it was a nice set up.

Brooklyn Bridge view from near the pre-party.
The rest of the week, I did lots of sightseeing and neighbourhood wandering. I love just absorbing the NYC feel without having any rigid timetables or plans. This time round, I spent a lot more time in Brooklyn than Manhattan and even checked out Queens.

Welcome to Greenpoint! Thanks!
While my plans are still not decided, I'm pretty sure this was my last visit to NYC during my stint here in the USA, so I was super sad to go.

See ya New York! You've been amazing!!
Not the best quality but the night views were amazing.


  1. Loved the pics. It is very cool that you rented the apartment in Brooklyn. Where did you find it?

    1. Thanks Pete. I found the apartment through VRBO (www.vrbo.com). I was a bit nervous about renting directly from a stranger at first (what if it's terrible? what if they just steal my deposit and then I've got nowhere to stay?) but it turned out great.