Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks #8 & #9

Gah! This was not how it was supposed to go!

I had a shocker of a week #9  which got in the way of everything (including week #8's training report).

Week #8

PM: 4 miles - 38:56

The afternoon run of "speed".


AM: 5 miles - 50:57

Surprisingly good given running the evening before.

Not actually from this run but I have no pics and that makes for a sad post.
I saved this pic with the title '5 mile sunrise' so I figure it fits.


AM: 6.25 miles - 1:05:46

Cut this run short of the planned 7 miles with a twitchy knee. Seeing as we're playing things smart and all around here.


Rest day!!!


AM: 7 miles - 1:09:53

Storm runner! Halfway through this run it started pouring and then the lightening kicked in. I took shelter during the worst of the lightening (because being struck by lightening was not part of the training plan) but the rest of the run was pretty much wet, wet, wet.


AM: 15 miles - 2:43:33

This was hard work. The last mile seemed to last forever.

But I did it and I maintained my long run pace so even if it was difficult, it bodes well for the future.


Unplanned rest day. I had to go to the airport at around midday for a work trip and that messed up my day.

Week #9

AM: 3 miles - 34:32

This was slow. I was in a new area in Atlanta and couldn't find a good route to run. Spent a fair amount of time at stop lights trying to work out where to go next.


AM: 3.4 miles - 40:02

Still in Atlanta. I tried a different route again today but still not a winner. The hills were hard work and did not feel good on my legs. I called it a day after 40 minutes.


AM: Elliptical - 40:00

I gave up on running outside and moved onto the treadmill but the previous two days of hills gave me very sore calf. I subbed some time on the elliptical instead.


A very late night on Wednesday resulted in a lot of sleeping in today and not a lot of running. And then I had the joy of spending my afternoon and evening in airports and on planes.


This week was a disaster and Friday just was the icing on the cake.


AM: 11 miles - 2:11:09

Thankful that this week was a cut-back week given the amount of running I got in during the week. It was a bit humid and I was feeling not great toward the end. But I'm looking forward to a better week in week #10 even if I have to travel back to Atlanta again. Boo!


AM: Stepper and rowing machine, Weights - 1:05:00

I wanted to run today but knew that miles today would have an impact on my miles next week. So I took myself to the gym for the prescribed cross-training and a weights session.


  1. great job with the training! You're going to be so ready! only 9 weeks left!

    1. Thanks. Oh, I seriously hope I'm ready because I am, just quietly, freaking out!!

  2. Nice 2 weeks of training in the books! You are well on your way to having a blast in October! :)