Saturday, May 11, 2013

This is not about running

In addition to my problems with entering races...

I also have a problem when it comes to buying racing gear. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on gear since moving to Chicago. I think overall it was money well spent. Without most of my purchases my winter (and let's face it, spring) would have been spent indoors. There is little need for long tights and jackets back in Australia.

But I haven't made a similar investment in my non-running wardrobe. Sure, I bought a winter coat (Best. Investment. Ever.) and some waterproof boots but there hasn't been much else. This primarily stems from my innate inability to visualize how something will look off the hanger. I can't imagine how the item might look on me and definitely can't see how it might work with other items I own.

So, when I heard about Stitch Fix, my curiosity was piqued. Their website says:
Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that delivers a curated box of accessibly priced items directly to doors across the United States. Stitch Fix hand picks pieces for each client, to ultimately help them look and feel their best.
There is a fee for the service which can be applied toward the purchase of the items in the box. For my birthday, my grandma had sent me some money and rather than use on the 'same-old same-old' I thought I'd give Stitch Fix a try.

You answer some questions about your personal style and preferences and can give direction on the types of items you would like to try. You can also provide links to your twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn to give further information about yourself.

My box of items arrived today and I was very excited to see what was inside.

I got a nice variety of items - three different styles of tops, one pair of pants and a blazer. Each item also comes with suggested styling to help you see how it could be worn.

So cute. And very spring (which was what I had requested).

Also cute. And versatile.
Could be worn to work or on the weekend (again, one of my style requests).
Unfortunately, the tops I received were all too big. This was my fault as the sizes sent matched the profile I set up on the site. I just haven't got my head adjusted to the difference in US and Australian sizes. So I will be returning them in the supplied prepaid USPS satchel (handy!).

I did decide the purchase the blazer they sent, though.

One of the outfits I created in my closet.
I would probably have never picked any of the items off the rack myself were I in a shop. But having them sent to me meant I tried them on with various items I already had in my closet. The blazer was a royal blue, not a colour I typically pick. But it went with so many things I already own. And I've been thinking of getting a blazer as I don't have any season transition clothes - it's summer or winter all the way. Had the tops fit, I would likely have kept at least one of them too.

Overall, I found the pricing to be a little higher than I would regularly shop at but not ridiculously over the top. You can select your preferred price-point as part of the style profile too.

I'll be trying Stitch Fix again later in the year, as I was very pleased with the way it opened my eyes to some new possibilities. If you are shopping/styling challenged like me, you might find it handy too.

Thanks to Stitch Fix for the great suggestions. And thanks grandma for the birthday blazer.

My grandma (with my sister) on her birthday this year

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