Monday, April 22, 2013

Why I run

No, this isn't going to be a deep and meaningful analysis. I certainly have plenty of things to say, some of which are deep and some of which are meaningful. But let's save them for another time.

I run so that I can help counteract the effects of this:

My lovely friend sent me a package of treats from back home for my birthday. It's ridiculous that the postage to get it here was about three times the cost of the actual food items. Totally worth it though, I say. Of course I would, now that I am in possession of enough sugar to send me into a diabetic coma.

It's silly but I really miss the familiarity of seeing these products at the grocery store.

And missing home is another reason why I run. Running is running, no matter where you are. Sure, I have to run on the "wrong" side of the path here - I will occasionally drift to the left if I'm not paying attention - but it's the same process here as it is in Australia.

And speaking of the process (apologies, started eating the sugar which has resulted in hyperactive and unfocused rambling). I'm now in unofficial marathon training. The "official" program starts next week (I'm doing a 24 week program designed by me based on some general Jack Daniel's principles) so this week is prep week. Prep week involves me running more frequently. I'm on a roll and have done four days in a row (technically, two of those days fell in last week's training week, so I can't count them for this week. But it's my blog and my program so I'll count whatever I choose.).

Don't tell anyone, but I'm freaking out about the marathon a bit already. I just have to keep reminding myself that I felt EXACTLY the same way when I signed up for my first half. And that went fine...well, as long as by fine you mean I developed an injury two weeks out and ended up running 2/3 of the race with a limp and couldn't walk properly for a week after (hey, I finished though).

It can't have scarred me too badly though, as I'm off to Nashville this weekend to do the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon down there. Can't wait!


  1. 24 week program, nice! I haven't looked into the Jack Daniel program. I'm starting the Hanson program in June (18 weeks), but have been training for the training program.

    Keep running and posting!

  2. I run to enjoy food, too! Bring on the peanut butter and chocolate, friends.