Sunday, February 24, 2013


My running has been a little patchy over the past couple of weeks.

Patchy running is not a good idea when I have a half marathon to run in three weeks' time.

I managed to get in my scheduled (as per the very slap dash training plan) 10 miles today after attempting to run them yesterday. My stomach flat out refused to play nice yesterday and I gave up after 5 miles.

The good news is, even though my running has been patchy, I am hitting my long run targets. The bad news is my mid-week running has been appalling.

I actually really like getting in a run before work during the week. My day is always so much better after a run. The comfort and warmth of my bed in the morning has been overriding my running conscience recently though. This was not helped by travelling for work and being forced to run on the treadmill at the gym.

I. Hate. The. Treadmill.

I worried that there is going to be more work travel on the horizon. A lot more travel. So I am going to have to make peace with the treadmill and reinstate non-negotiable mid-week running.

Especially as:

Yes, despite the debacle that was the registration process for the Chicago Marathon, I am a confirmed entrant. I am fairly terrified of the idea of doing this but also massively excited. I was so excited that I was stalking the site, waiting for the registration to open on Tuesday. Luckily my stalker-ish tendencies paid off as I was registering at about 11:50 and done by 11:56, even though the official registration open time was 12:00. I think by getting in early I avoided the system overload and subsequent meltdown that caused so many others so many problems.

I may be able to grind out a half marathon on my current training base, patchy weeks or not. But there's no way I'll get away with skipping workouts and fuelling myself on vodka and bar food (another side effect of work travel) and finish the marathon, let alone achieve the finish time I would so like to have.

Please feel free to remind me of this frequently, as I am sure I will soon forget. Especially if I have a vodka soda in my hand.


  1. I wonder if there are any training diets that include vodka? :-)