Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's all in my head

I had a mini psychological breakthrough this morning.

I have been running for quite some time now, and completed the Melbourne Half Marathon last year. So deep down inside I know that I have the ability to run (shuffle) at least 21.1kms. But after said half marathon I hurt myself and then didn't run for a few months. When I resumed running I started small - partly because I was still recovering from my injury and partly because I thought that was all I could do.
Here in Canberra we have a lake called Lake Burleigh Griffin that's in the middle of Canberra near Parliament House and all of that. It's a popular running spot and there's a loop you can do that includes the two bridges that span the lake. Once upon a time I used to run that loop regularly, but post-injury I've just thought that I couldn't. Well, guess what? I can! I did it this morning and it wasn't hard at all. I've just had it in my head that I couldn't do it.
My next task now is Lake Ginninderra - another lovely lake in Canberra which is a bit bigger than 'the loop'. It's down for Valentine's Day - my gift to myself!

1 comment:

  1. Well done! That's fantastic.

    It's amazing, the mental roadblocks we put in front of ourselves. Glad you managed to knock that one down!